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Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom The series is about a Japanese tourist who gets kidnapped by an assassin syndicate called Inferno after he had personally witnessed an assassination while visiting the United States. Inferno is a criminal organization attempting to unite all known underworld mob gangs into one conglomerate. In order to achieve their goal, Inferno deploys its assassin operatives codenamed "Phantom." Among them is an amnesiac girl codenamed as "Ein" and the Japanese tourist, who was given the name "Zwei" as his codename after being brainwashed of his previous memory.


I decided to set this up because there isn't actually a decent Phantom wiki on the internet. My mate and I run this, so feel free to edit it you think some information is wrong. 

Phantom is such an awesome Anime, and it really is a hidden gem. Everyone I know who has watched it loved it instantly. Have fun learning more about the characters we all know and love

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